January 31, 2009

I {Heart} Pancakes

Today was a sleep-in morning, which was much deserved after the very busy workweek I've had! And what better way to top off a sleep-in Saturday than with a plateful of yummy-delish pancakes.

My BH (brilliant husband) called his mother for his favourite childhood pancake recipe and together we whipped up a thick batch of pancake batter. Managed to do it without too much mess on the counter to boot!

To the hot griddle they went (thanks again mom for the awesome xmas gift!):

It was just a few moments before the bubbles cracked the surface and it was time to flip those flapjacks. I stood idly by with camera in hand while BH took over the cooking. Such a good man.

I topped mine with a little butter and maple syrup and enjoyed a hot cup freshly brewed Atlantica blend coffee from Coffee & Company on the side. Yummy delish! Now that's a good start to a Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Would love to get this recipe! I made a bath yesterday that were a flop, and that's putting it nicely :)

Laura B.

Anonymous said...

I batch, I mean. oops. (The bath was fine).