January 12, 2009

Just That Kind of Day

I know everyone has 'one of those days' every once in a while. Well, today is that day for me. Awoke to feeling icky and to 15+ cms of snow on the ground. Driving around to the doctor's office and work was slow and sticky and - for me, in a standard - that also means it was a little stressful. It was a busy day at the office, packed from end to end. Followed by still feeling icky, a trip to the gym, a couple of fruitless errands, home to supper, dishes and a shower. By the time I finally sat down it was:

And, for the record, I REALLY REALLY dislike the long days during the week. I know its the price to pay for a post-work workout. Still, somehow, 8:24pm seems a little too late to be finally sitting down. And even then, I was sitting down to more work.

On the upside: my brother-in-law dropped by and plowed the piles of snow out of our looong driveway ... so already tomorrow is off to a much better start!

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