January 19, 2011

@ 7 months

@ 7 months I am very grateful for a so-far happy, healthy and easy pregnancy.

@ 7 months I am excited about setting up the nursery, having a baby shower, and getting things in order for the little one's arrival.  

@ 7 months I love hanging out with my hands on my belly feeling this baby get its groove on.

@ 7 months I am wanting to hit pause so I can enjoy being pregnant like this for a while longer.

@ 7 months I am looking forward to meeting this little one and finding out if its a wee-me or a wee-he.

@ 7 months I pee way too often, sleep way too little and get bigger with every passing day.

@ 7 months I am wanting to hit fast forward so I can enjoy holding, snuggling and loving my first baby.

@ 7 months I'm balancing being in the moment and awaiting all that lies ahead. Such a good place to be.

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