January 24, 2011

Handmade Accessories

Get ready. It's time to get your craft on.

I've spied trendy big flowery accessories all over the place online. I'm particularly smitten with the flower bib-style necklaces. They can dress up a plain ol' tee in no time. Statement pieces I think they call 'em in the fashion world. I was inspired by this lovely one at Anthropologie:

Dewed Rainbow Necklace at Anthropologie
However, at $278 CDN, I thought I'd look for one I didn't need a bank loan to buy. Forever 21 had this one, which made me realize I could probably make one similar myself. I'm crafty like that. Sure enough, a quick peek around Etsy.com and I discovered these pom-pom beauties and thought, if she can do it, so can I.  Seriously, isn't this one lovely:

this one by LilliePieAccessories on etsy.com
After another quick search around the world wide interweb,  I found a plethora of tutorials for making my very own flowery fabric bib necklace and I was off to the races. Some scraps of fabric and felt, a few fake pearls and a chain, a little hot glue, a pair of scissors and 45 minutes later, I had created this:

I didn't capture the step-by-step process as Little Miss Momma did that very well here on her blog, which I used as a guide. I think mine turned out pretty darn good. Perhaps my next fabric adventure will be something more elaborate like this one or this one, or maybe simpler like this cute little shoe clip. Or maybe just more of the same, one to match every outfit.

The possibilities are endless when you get your craft on.

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