January 12, 2011

I read this post by the lovely Tina last evening and it made me stop and think. Not about the beach, the feeling of sand between your toes, and ocean breeze (though all those would have been lovely thoughts!), but about the little things that make up our days. She's so right. Our days are marked by sights and sounds and smells that come together to make up our most treasured memories.

So, today, I too stopped to appreciate the little sights and sounds of my day:

  • A toasty decaf Americano in a simple green and white cup.
  • The frosty January wind nipping against my face as I scurried to pick up printed photos during lunch.
  • The stacks of colourful papers and inks and ribbons at the Paperie (I found some papers for my OLW project).
  • The fluttering of a wiggly, active baby-to-be inside.
  • The afternoon sunshine glinting off mirrors in the car parking lot at work.
  • Hot, spicy chicken chili in a simple white bowl - the perfect supper for a crisp winter evening.
  • The warmth of my husband's skin.
It's not that today was extraordinary or necessarily memorable. In fact, it was the opposite. It was an ordinary day of work, errands, usual foods, and routine. But I know that in one year, five years or ten years, an everyday day will look and feel and smell different. Making it important that I appreciate this one today. I know I will want to remember it.

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