January 16, 2011

Simple Things

Almond Biscotti Candle from Anthropologie
We picked up this candle at Anthropologie while on our mini-American road trip this summer. It has this delicious, soft scent - just like a warm piece of almond biscotti. The scent is really quite mild, so you don't smell it all the time. But every so often, like one evening this week, I catch this toasty sweet smell and it always makes me think 'mmmm, what is that?'

When I remember its from the candle sitting on a side table in our living room, I smile. The smell alone is worth a smile, but it is also about the memories of a hot July afternoon in Chicago with my husband at one of my favourite stores (I do wish we had an Anthro near me in Canada!).

It is the simple things that make us smile. For more simple things:


Anonymous said...

I love Anthropologie! I was in there for the first time yesterday! This sounds delicious! xo

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm I can smell it from here. Great photo:)