April 1, 2011

Halloween in April

I know, you're thinking I have my holidays mixed up. Easter is in April, not Halloween - it's the month for bunnies, peeps and chocolate eggs, not ghosts, goblins and mini chocolate bars...mmmm, I could do with a mini kit kat right about now. Alas, I digress.

No, I'm not off trick or treating, just finishing another layout for the pregnancy scrapbook and it just happens to be the one of our Halloween costume back in October. The Paperie posted this sketch for their Mojo Monday challenge, which was perfect for the two pictures I had already printed.

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I don't often use sketches, but whenever I do I love it! It takes some of the planning work out of the process and makes pulling a layout together quick and easy ... which is exactly what I need to get this album done. I followed the sketch pretty closely and ended up with this:

Given I was pregnant, we thought it would be fun to find a costume suited to a preggo duo as really, how often do you get to do that? We settled on going as Juno and Pauly from the movie Juno. I just happened to have the orange t-shirt in some borrowed maternity clothes and of course the jeans and cardigan in my closet. A quick visit to Value Village and I found the skirt and the t-shirt and shorts for Des. The shorts just needed to be hemmed and I created the crest in MS Word, ironing it on lickety split. With a pillow stuffed up my shirt for the preggo belly, I think we looked pretty spot-on.

It was really funny at the party too. Almost everyone thought I was actually that far along in my pregnancy even though I was only about 4 months in at that point :) These days, I could pull of the costume without the pillow - thankfully it's almost Easter and I don't need to worry about Halloween this month.

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