May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

I know I just honoured my mom in this Mother's Day post, but as today is her birthday she is deserving of more recognition. Here are just a few things I love about my mom:

She makes awesome cakes. She always made homemade and beautiful cakes for our birthdays and special occasions growing up and now does them for our babies. 
Cake made for Hudson`s Christening
Her patience. It doesn't matter how many times we call, ask for something, put off accepting her advice, she is always there to answer, give and support us.

That she can sew and is crafty. She hems my pants, sews on my buttons, and makes any alterations I need, saving my mucho money at the tailors over the years! She always made clothes and costumes for us growing up and now does so for our babes.

Christening dress made by Nanny Pat
Her love for feeding us. I think it's a mom thing that you want your children to be fed. Brunch at mom's is a favourite. Almost every weekend morning for as long as I can remember, you could count on a big ol' brunch of bacon, sausages, bologna, eggs, hashbrowns, toast (and maybe toutons), fresh muffins, fruit, cheese and homemade jam. When we were little, it was fresh OJ in fancy glasses and now it's fresh brewed coffee in big mugs. And, of course, now there's always a bag of fresh muffins to take home with us when we leave.

mmmm ....
She is supportive. Whenever, whatever I need - be it a night`s sleep as a new mom, advice as a student, band-aid as a child or a hug at any age - mom is always there.

Her giving nature. Mom hardly ever says no to anyone. If you need something, she`ll do what she can to make it happen. And if she can`t do it, she`ll help you find someone who can. 

Her sense of style. Mom always looks good when she leaves the house, whether she`s going to a fancy dinner or just running errands. She takes pride in her appearance and has a love for shoes, purses and jewellery. I credit her for instilling the same in me (both the pride of self and love for all things fashion!).

She`s a fantastic Nanny. Whether playing dinkies and trains with Logan or changing diapers and cuddling with Hudson, these two boys are blessed to have Nanny Pat as part of their lives (and their mom`s even more so!)

Mother`s Day 2011
Happy Birthday Mom!

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