June 30, 2011

Date Night

Last night, D and I enjoyed our first real date night. Though it wasn't our first night away from the boy -we'd attended the provincial IABC Pinnacle Awards (*ahem* where we both won awards *ahem*) and we also enjoyed a fantastic as in better-than-any-restaurat dinner the Faheys a couple of weekends ago - it was our first real solo date night. And it was awesome.

I won movie tickets from the Paperie for submitting this layout of my little man into their weekly scrapbook challenge:

The tickets were for an pre-release screening of Larry Crowne with Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks, which I'm sure was fantastic. Though we wouldn't be able to say ourselves. Long story short, we went all bad-ass and saw Bridesmaids instead. Hey, it was our first real date night and we both wanted to see Bridesmaids, so we made the most of our night out. So glad we did too - it was HI-LARIOUS. Seriously one of the funniest movies I've seen in a very long time. I haven't seen The Hangover (I know, I'm told it's a crime), but this is apparently possibly even funnier, at least according to my husband. If you've not yet seen it. Go. Now. Run to the theatre. And I assure you it's funnier when you're enjoying it over a supper of popcorn and peanut butter m&ms. As I said, we made the most of it. Many thanks to the Paperie for enabling our excursion and showing once again that scrapbooking is rewarding in many different ways.

Anyways, as new parents you're routinely reminded by various magazine articles, e-newsletters, and other parents to carve out time for yourselves as a couple. In those first few months, with Hudson's ongoing tummy issues and the directly-correlated lack of sleep, that was near about impossible. However, after last night, I really appreciate the importance of it. It was nice to hang out with just my wonderful husband, to hold his hand and chat about non-baby things. It was super-nice to do that outside of the house without listening to white noise in the baby monitor and jumping up mid-sentence to tend to a fussing babe. Not that we mind that mind you, it was just nice to be the two of us for a few moments.

And as much as I looked forward to and enjoyed the night out, once the credits rolled up I equally looked forward to and enjoyed picking our little man up and giving him a snuggle before tucking him in for the night. Whether you're a new parent or experienced parent, I strongly recommend you give date night a try. It reminded me of how nice it was to be just the two of us and how much better it is to now be three.

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