July 12, 2011

Making the Most of Summer

There's something about the summer that boosts the spirit and relaxes the soul. I find myself more willing to abandon chores and savour the moments. I guess it's the boost of Vitamin D and warmth of the sun's rays. Or perhaps it's just knowing that summer in these parts is so short-lived. Either way, I plan to make the most of the next couple of months and enjoy the warm summer days and long summer nights. Here are few of the things on my summer to-do list:

1. A few more Saturday mornings at The Rocket with my men. So love that they kept the common area from when it was Auntie Crae's and that they serve the sweet pastries, rich coffee and savory treats.

Having a yarn over coffee, sweets and the weekend paper. Love.
2. Some hiking with the boy on board in his new carrier and sporting the SPF gear we picked up for him downtown.

some cute in the spf stuff :)
3. A visit to the Ferryland Lighthouse. It's an annual tradition for D & I that I'm eager to continue now that we are three.

The food is delish, the view amazing and the experience just wonderful. A must-do for tourists and locals alike.
4. Sitting around the fire in our backyard with wine in hand, at least once (or twice or thrice, now that would be nice!).

We have a different fire pit these days, but the experience is the same.
5. Our first official roadtrip with the little guy.

6. A visit to the beach.

7. Introducing Hudson to swimming at the pool. I'm thinking our visit to the beach/the ocean might be a bit cold for his first experience!.

8. Completing my first post-baby 10km run. I survived a 5km one with some walking on the weekend and enjoyed another 5km yesterday, shaving a couple of minutes of my weekend time, so easy as she goes on this one.

9. Scrapbooking a few pages about the little man. Perfect rainy day activity.

10. Reading. I'm already well underway with this, almost finished The Help by Kathyrn Stockett and enjoying it immensely.

11. An out-of-province excursion, complete with Hudson's first plant ride and catching up with great friends.

12. Lots of dining al fresco on the deck with my hubby.

Again, we have a new BBQ these days, but the experience is the same!
I'm sure there will be many other wonderful experiences woven among these as well, making summer as full and complete as I'm hoping it will be. What about you, what's on your summer to do list? How do you plan to make the most of the short-lived long summer days?


sandy said...

Which plant in particular are you going to let Hudson ride on that out of province excursion? ;) Love all this and motivates me to thinking we should make a list of stuff that we want to do this summer!

Colleen Ryan said...

Ha! Perhaps I'll let him ride a pitcher plant to Hfx ;) Though, I'm sure Air Canada would be a better option.