August 16, 2011

Week in the Life 2011 - Finished Album

Cover Page
I want to say I've finally finished my Week in the Life 2011 album, but given it took me until 2011 to finish my 2010 album I think I'm a bit ahead of the game this year ;) In any case. I'm super happy it's done. I always enjoy doing it, but also tire a little of the process by the end so having it wrapped up and seeing the final pages all together is awesome.

I stuck with the general design I mentioned here with one larger photo/daily story on the left hand side, the grid collage of photos on the right hand side and a baseball card sheet in the middle containing more stuff. Compared to last year, I took more photos and kept less "stuff" from the week, so the middle sheet is mostly photos with a few bits of daily life, like receipts, and then filled in with additional paper and embellishments. I kind of like this better, as I have such a hard time picking photos - always seems as though I like each one as much as the one before! 

To keep the process really simple as I put it all together, I just picked a few pieces of coordinating paper, a handful of embellishments and a few paper punches and then took it all away from my usual scrapbooking area, putting the album together elsewhere (living room, my mom's house, dining room, etc). This way, I wasn't tempted to go find the "perfect" add on and just went with what I had. Way quicker, way easier than my usual process. Loved that.

As I pulled it together I found some "problems" - I had sized the journaling cards wrong for middle sheet, cut a few pictures uneven, stuck something in the "wrong" place and couldn't move it, etc. Normally I would have tried to redo it the way I had planned, but for this album I went with it. I just trimmed the journaling cards down, which meant the lines around the edge were gone. I added a strip of extra paper to the edge of a photo. And so on. My theory: No one else will ever know (well of course you know now cause I told you, but you know what I mean). My husband won't notice (or care). When Hudson gets older, he won't notice (or care). My mom looked at it before the extra embellishments were on the pages and she didn't notice (or care). What's important is that the stories are there, not that it's not perfect.

Now that it's all together, I am happy and ready to move on to something else. I'm ready to look back at it with a smile. I'm ready to share it with my family. And with you. Enjoy:




postcard we received from our niece who's away for the summer in NY





And there you have it folks - another week in our lives. Thanks for looking!
and that's a wrap!


Lesley Ann Staples said...

Love the album! I have a hugh plastic tote full of pictures from the last 20 years waiting to go into ordinary albums...adding paper, words and embellishments would send me running for the hills.

Rae said...

Cute first page!!! I never thought to take a picture of shoes. I did mine all digital, kudos to you for having the gumption to do it traditional!!!

Megan Renfree said...

Your album looks great. I love the colour scheme you went with, and that dr seuss sticker is awesome!! It was my first year doing it, so I pretty much did what Ali told me to, but I love how you did it differently. I might deviate a bit more next year now that I have managed to succesfully do it the once now!