September 16, 2011

In A Hurricane

A hurricane may bring gale force winds, heavy rains and make it near about impossible to get out and about, but it also makes for a very cozy indoor day. With my boys {big and little} napping, I'm enjoying the quiet of Hurricane Maria with a cup of coffee and pinterest. I must admit, these hurricanes are much more pleasing to the eye than the one outside my window:

Lovely layered room, lovely large hurricane vase, as seen here

I can just see a bride walking down this aisle, martha really does have great ideas

hmmm, the wine show is coming up and I'm sure to have empty bottles I could use, more fun ideas here

There's something so serene about this cluster of outdoor hurricanes (seen here), a contrast to my outdoors right now!
And who could resist this Halloween hurricane display?

And just in case you need a smile today, a little hurricane humour for you courtesy of

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