September 7, 2011

Labour Day Re-Cap

Hard to believe the Labour Day weekend has come and gone for another year. Sure it seems like we just celebrated Canada Day! We spent our extra-long weekend with family and friends from Southern Bay to Northern Bay (no joke, Des grew up in Southern Bay and my family comes from Northern Bay!) and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Here's a look through our weekend lens:

Hudson P's first visit to Dad's home in Southern Bay
Hanging out on the bed in Daddy's old room
(at some terribly early hour after a very sleepless night!)
There`s was plenty of attention from the older cousins
Espresso found here :)
Plenty of food & drink consumed
a scenic drive through Trinity to encourage much-needed sleep for the boy

some lawn-mowing followed by riding just for fun!

trying out of old furniture ... showing off that chubby belly :)
fresh blueberries and homemade muffins
folding some laundry for Nanny Pat
All wrapped up with some time at Chapters. The scene from down below...
and the scene from up above.

Hope your weekend was as delightful!

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