September 30, 2011

National Post Apologizes, Good on Them

Earlier today I shared my thoughts on an ad that recently ran in the National Post advocating that LGBT issues should not be taught to young children in school curriculum. This afternoon the National Post issued an apology statement for running the ad.

While the statement certainly doesn`t excuse the ad from having run, it does demonstrate goodwill, and good business, on the part of this national paper. I agree with their statement that free speech should not be limited and opposing views, even these, should not be censored from the debate as only through debate and open discussion can we acheive positive change. However, as noted in the apology, the tone of this ad was not about free speech and debate but about blatantly trying to remove discussions from our schools. That is why the ad bothered me, and apparently many others so much.

I also commend the Post on choosing to donate all proceeds from the ad, which would certainly have had a hefty price tag in such a large scale publication, to an organization that promotes LGBT rights. You see, when you speak up and speak out, good change can happen.

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