December 27, 2011

The Turkey Twist

We are in the midst of enjoying a very happy holiday season with family and friends, so this is just a quick post to give you some turkey tips should you need them. I know we enjoyed a large bird on Christmas Day followed by turkey sammies later that evening, turkey soup on Boxing Day, and still have leftovers to spare. If you're in the same boat, you might enjoy these twists on turkey leftovers.

For Breakfast or Brunch
Herbed Turkey + Waffles - courtesy of BHG

The Anything Frittata - also courtesy of BHG
For A Light Lunch or Side Dish

Leftover Turkey Spring Rolls - courtesy of The Pioneer Woman

Baked Turkey Croquettes - courtesy of Gina at

For A Something-Other-Than-Soup-n-Sammies Supper

Deep Dish Turkey Pot Pie - from Kraft Canada
Southwestern Turkey Pizza - from
Turkey Vegetable Biryani - also from

Hopefully something appeals to your turkey taste buds!

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