January 17, 2012

{Pin}spiration: DIY Family Dates Print

I dunno about you, but I lurrrve Pinterest. I use it to save recipes, scrapbooking + card inspiration, party ideas, crafts, fashion and more! My pins often lead to some sort of creation in the kitchen, closet, or craft corner. Most recently I pinned a few prints from etsy that I really liked and I decided to recreate my own version here at home.

The base inspiration came from an assortment of prints that took special family dates and used a font treatment to create a personalized print for your home. I figured I could easily recreate that here at home (at almost no cost to boot!).

Edited Photo - Blurring to protect privacy :)
Inspired by the print below, my version uses our family birth and our wedding date. I created it using an existing font in MS Word, adjusted colours and spacing, dropped in a heart, and added our family name to the bottom. Printed out on a heavy white cardstock and placed in a frame I had on hand, easy peasy lemon-squeezy.
Inspiration print found here
It now sits on a ledge in our entry way. I love having a little something special there, created by me, and inexpensive enough that I can change it out anytime I want.

What about you? Have you DIY'd anything you've pinned? If so, please share!


Elizabeth said...

What a gorgeous idea, Colleen! Love it!

I too am obsessed with Pinterest. I have boards for just about everything, and I especially love the recipes board I made. I've tried a bunch of them and they're delicious, like the cookie recipe I tried here:


Anonymous said...

Could you tell which font and size you used? I've been trying to make one but the space between the lines are so big and ungly.

Colleen Ryan said...

I didn't keep the original final version :( So I can't say exactly, but I did find a draft version in my trash that was close to the final. The font was Minion Pro SmBd in MS Word, the font was approx 130pt size and I adjusted the line spacing in the paragraph tab. (Just click on Page Layout Tab, then click on the small arrow in the paragraph section. That should open a Paragraph window, where you'll see a heading called SPacing). I set the before and after at 0 and then selected Line spacing to be "exactly" at 110. Depending on the number of dates you have you may want to increase or decrease font a little, along with spacing (ie more might need a font of 125 and spacing at ex 100). I also added a bracket on top and bottom, to fill in some empty white space that I didn't like. You could just as easily insert a solid line, dotted line, whatever suits your tastes :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for responding so quickly :-) Thanks for the info, I will give it another try. I love that this project is so simple and easily changable as the family changes :-) I look forward to reading your past posts and your future ones as well.