January 26, 2012

The Story of Today

In doing the Project Life album over the past 3+ weeks, I've realized how full and busy our weeks seem to be. Yet, in the midst of those weeks are mostly quiet, ordinary days. I guess its when you add them all up, the little ordinary moments write an extraordinary story. The story of today is more on the quiet and ordinary. The simple story of today includes:

    - Starting as a two car family for the first time in years.
    - Round one of playtime, snack time, and nap time.
    - Re-rolling the toilet paper. Again. Sigh.

    - Much easier-than-expected baking for a weekend dinner. Love that.
    - A few storybooks with momma and on his own.

    - More playtime, snack time and, with any luck, nap time.
    - An overdue trip to the grocery store on the agenda, baby permitting.
    - Some form of fish for supper, accompanied by veggies galore. Mmmmm.
    - After work cuddles and pre-bedtime fun with daddy.

    - And hopefully some reading and craft time for momma in there somewhere.

Nothing fancy, nothing exciting. Just an ordinary day contributing to our extraordinary life.
Yep, that's the story of today.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Colleen, Thanks, you continue to enrich our days with the stories of our little boy & your branch of our family! God Bless!