January 13, 2012

Tis Soup Season

With Des heading back to (new) work in just over a week, I've been in the kitchen stocking the freezer. I'm pretty sure there are going to be many an evening where an already-prepared hearty-n-healthy supper will be appreciated, not to mention a necessity!. Lucky for me, we're soup lovers in the middle of soup season. A steaming bowl of soup on a chilly winter's eve is soothing for the mind, body, and soul.

We have a few standards that make the cut every time I stock up, including this one and this one. This week I decided to try this curried chicken soup from the Food Network to change up the flavours. Oh. My. Word. Was it ever delicious. It will definitely be added to the standard soup list!

image from foodnetwork.com
For the first pot (I made a couple), I followed the recipe as is sans fresh herbs (couldn't get any that were worth buying ... joys of shopping in NL in the winter). It was very good, but a just little too much broth and a little too little substance for my tastes. For the next batch I doubled up on the chicken and carrots and added in some cooked rice near the end for the added bulk that we like and it was even better.

We enjoyed large bowls for supper last night and more for lunch today (hence the double batch). Even HP lapped into this dish with no fuss no muss - that alone makes it a keeper in my books. Mmmmm.

Do you have a favourite soup recipe? If so, please share!


Katie said...

Colleen, I love Red House Soups' Apple, Turnip and Brie soup (http://beautifulideas.wordpress.com/2011/06/02/about-soup-a-bowlful-of-soulful-a-beautiful-chat-with-red-house-soups-carolyn-norberg/). I recommend trying it. We're all about pureed soups at our house :)

Jennifer Wellsman said...

Colleen, we love soups too. Gonna have to try this one! One of our favourites is Pumpkin soup. We always take advantage of the pumpkins at Halloween and make a couple of batches. We also freeze some for later on.