February 28, 2012

Project Life Week 7 - Happy Love Day

Week 7 of 2012 was Valentine's Week ... okay well, it was the week that included Valentine's Day, which in my book made it Valentine's Week. The Project Life spread for that week centred around that theme, with plenty of pink, red, hearts and love-related items. Even pictures that weren't taken on V-Day or weren't about V-Day got connected. And I LOVE it :)

Here's the two page spread, with a few inserts. Again, sorry for the page protector glare (I welcome tips on how to prevent it!).

Here's a closer look at Page 1. You can see HP opening V-Day prezzies from the grandparents, along with a few pictures of his cute mug... including the one that won him the V-Day contest at Bellies & Bundles. The journaling cards are simple, the first noting 5 things I love about HP and the other documenting aforementioned contest. A few added chipboard pieces, ribbon and stickers and we were good to go:

A quick glance at the inserts - all the cards from the grandparents, great-grandmother and Aunt Louie.

And finally, the second page. This page captures the notes about our V-Day celebration, HP's first steps, and a couple of random pictures of him sucking on an orange, hanging with Uncle T and picking out books a the library. I think my favorite bits on this page (aside from the pics of course) is the recycled packaging ... the first steps pic is mounted on some brown packing paper from something we got in the mail. It matched some of the other pieces I used nicely. The other heart piece with the added XOXO sticker is actually cut from a Gap direct mail piece ... again, I thought it tied in nicely. Reduce, reuse, recycle :)

There you have it - another week down and only 45 to go!

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Sara said...

I love how your album is turning out - it looks great!
Whenever I have to take pics of something in a protector, I lay the pictures on top of the spaces then take the picture. A bit of a pain for all the sections of Project Life, but it works. I also find using natural light (my kitchen floor!) and no flash helps if you want to keep everything in the plastic.