February 20, 2012

Runday Monday: Virtual Running Partner

I donned my running shoes this weekend and logged a decent 11.25km run (or a 7 miler for those south of the border). The weather cooperated for an outdoor run, making the run much more enjoyable than one on the treadmill. It's just nicer to be distracted by the scenery, passing cars, and other runners than clocking off the miles on a digital counter. Even still, it was on this particular run that I remembered why I like a running buddy. The company, even when not conversing, keeps you motivated. Fortunately, I have a virtual running buddy helping me stay on track and focused.

One of my besties is training to run the same half marathon as I am. Sadly, she's in Nova Scotia meaning we can't meet up for the occasional run. (Unless you wanna come for a weekend visit BJA?) Seriously though, when I trained for and ran the Dublin Marathon, it was most definitely my running partner that got me through many of those long runs. The ones where I may or may not have been a little hungover and would have preferred to stay under the covers on Sunday morning. The ones where I simply had lost my running mojo for the week and would have preferred to quit the whole dang thing. And the ones where I was half way through a 20km+ run and wondering why on earth I was out here again. Without having that encouragement and the commitment to do it together, who knows for sure if I would have even made it across the finish line.

This time is not much different. My running partner may not be on the ground here with her feet pounding the same pavement as mine, but just knowing she's pounding along somewhere else is enough. We're following the same training plan and she often logs her runs on FB via MapMyRun. Seeing those posts is enough to keep me accountable. I know I have to be logging my runs too if we're both going to cross that finish line in May. Besides, this will be her first distance race and I am uber-excited to be doing this with her. I know having a friend train and run the marathon with me made the experience so much sweeter for me.

One of the most common tips for making exercise and working out more enjoyable and more successful is having a partner. I can honestly vouch for this as key to making it stick - even when that partner is a virtual one. Now, of course, if there's anyone up for a 12km run next weekend - JLD or JW perhaps?? - you know where to find me. Until then, I'm going to keep on keeping on knowing my bestie is doing the same just one province away.

image from themett


Jennifer Wellsman said...

JW - Hey, my initials! Give me a little bit more time and I'll be there. I don't want to slow you down! Say a couple of more weeks?

Colleen Ryan said...

absolutely ... and I'm not fast - It took me an hour and 14 mins to do 11km ... avg about a 6:30-7:00min per km pace :)

mark fahey said...

i agree. virtual runners like that motivate me. Lee Ann in NS is always a source of motivation too :)