February 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Paying It Forward

One of the best ways to express gratitude is by paying it forward. Paying it forward simply means to repay a good deed that you've received by doing the same or another good deed unto others. I love the notion and when a friend of mine posted a pay it forward status on her Facebook page, I was quick to jump on board. The concept was simple: the first five people to comment on her status would receive something handmade by her in exchange for reposting the status on their page and giving something handmade to the first five people who commented on their status. Pay It Forward 2012.

I have been the lucky recipient of many a wonderful handmade gift from cookies and brandied apricots to tea towels and home decor. I was keen on the idea of expressing my gratitude for such treats by passing along something homemade to others. I was soooo in! I commented on her status, reposted the concept on my page, and quickly had five people who wanted in on something handmade from me.

Yesterday, I got around to getting my craft on and whipped up some handmade goodness for the five people who replied. In doing so, I was reminded of a few things I am grateful for these days including:
  • My paper crafting hobby
  • Friends who appreciate handmade items
  • A long nap by HP that allowed me to get it all done in one day
As the recipients won't actually receive their treats for at least another few days, I can only offer a sneak peak for now:

If you were one of the five, watch your mailboxes, there's some Pay It Forward 2012 love coming your way!

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