April 27, 2012

Right Now ...

Right now, I am...
… adjusting to the new routine of being back to work. I’ll have post on surviving the transition soon.

All decked out - complete with heels - for the first day back
… feeling relieved the HPs allergy tests came back negative – dairy is a go! 
… realizing that I have only three more long runs before race day. One of which is this weekend.  
… preparing for a crafty weekend away in next weekend.
… making travel plans for a family vacation somewhere warm ... likely in early 2013 before HP turns two.
… reading Good Night Moon and Time for Bed every single day. And enjoying it.

... hoping the warm temps last weekend weren’t just a tease and that spring may actually be arriving.
enjoying some park time + sunshine last weekend

… dreaming of an outlet shopping excursion stateside. Sigh, I wish.
… eating chili freezer awaiting more consistent BBQ weather.
… wondering how I was so blessed with this little family of mine.
hoping you have an awesome weekend. Happy Friday!

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