May 24, 2012

Project Life Weeks 14 & 15

Happy almost-Friday-a-short-week! I'm back today with another couple of weeks from my Project Life album - Weeks 14 & 15. Let's kick it off with Week 14, also known as Hudson's actual birthday week and Easter week. We celebrated Hudson's birthday at home with his monthly photo shoot, a visit to Grandma's, and cupcakes. For Easter, we headed around the bay first to my mother's and then to Des' home in Southern Bay. We were back home Saturday night to spend Easter Sunday as a family of three. Busy, chaotic week, but fun too!

Here's the two-week spread:

And a closer look at the left side. Lot's of spring colours woven through this one with washi tape, letter stickers, journaling stickers, and word stickers:

And a closer look at the right side with more of those lovely spring-y colours:

And a few close-ups for you. The colours this week got pulled from the lovely crocus springing up in the yard and the beautiful sunsets that graced the skies. I used a small shot of the budding blooms on a 3x4 slot, added some fringe grass and word stickers to round it out. The title card pick up on the lovely shades of yellow, orange, blue, and greens with some washi tape strips and letter stickers:

I also added a fold-out journaling card in one of the 3x4 pockets. shown with the 'chaotic easter' title. I embellished the front similarly to the crocus insert, with fringed grass and letter stickers, adding an arrow to indicate there's more inside. When you pull it out, there's a bit more detail about the craziness of our weekend going from one place to another with a child who wouldn't sleep! The photo next to it shows Hudson enjoying his fourth/last first birthday celebration with Aunt ML.

And moving right along to week 15, which was a quieter week spent around the house and with our family. The colours, the red, blue, and white were pulled from the photos, which all seemed to have some variation on those shades in them. Love it when it works that way. Here's the two-week spread at a glance:

And a closer look at the left side. I added some banner flags to the title card with some washi tape (yes, I may be a little obsessed with the washi!). I filled out a couple of 3x4s by spreading the journaling across two cards with a larger title, created by using a chipboard mask and some spray ink, all finished off with some more ... washi tape!

I love the pics and words this week. Love that we're close, both in relationships and proximity, to our families and that they get to enjoy time with HP.

And a close-up of the right side focuses more on the quiet time at home:

We enjoyed exploring flowers and snails (yum!) in the garden. We revved engines and drove little boy cars in the yard. And a first visit to Aunt Sandy's to get used to the new place before starting there full time in a few weeks.
 A few close-ups:

The bottom corner shows HP with his older cousins, while the top one shows him having fun with Uncle T.

There was even a bouquet of flowers for mommy - my very first!

That's it - April 02 thorugh April 15, 2012. Fun times!

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