January 17, 2011


Today marked the return to the gym. Not that I've not been exercising, quite the opposite. The weather has just been unusually nice here through the fall and well into early January, making outdoor activity enjoyable. I much prefer the scenery and fresh air to the monotony of the gym and happily made the most of it as long as I could. But now that the temps have turned frosty and ice has built up on the roads (ice+diminished centre of gravity=danger), it's back to the gym for this mama-to-be.

Making matters worse in today's inevitable transition indoors were the newbies. Anyone who's been at a gym in January knows exactly what I'm talking about. At this time of year, they come out in droves with their shiny new sneakers and their sparkly New Year's resolutions. They jam up the parking lot, clog up the locker room and take over every piece of equipment in the gym. *Sigh*

As I took my preggo-self out to the gym floor and searched for free treadmill or elliptical or bike or whatever I could find, I reminded myself to be patient. I reminded myself that its only a few more weeks til they start to drop like flies and, with that, I spied a free treadmill, hopped on and starting moving. As I walked I reflected on the situation a little more (hey, my iShuffle battery died one minute in, I had only my own thoughts to entertain myself!) and realized that here I was, 7+ months pregnant at the gym enjoying a brisk walk, feeling fit and healthy. All because I was once a newbie too (albeit not in January with the masses, but a newbie all the same).

Years later, I'm one the 'regulars' whose at the gym year-round (and who feels like I kinda own the place cause I've been there for years, so get off my treadmill new guy). I stuck it out and it paid off for me. I still don't love running or exercise, but appreciate the benefits it has for my health and now that of my baby. I appreciate what it does for my self-image, my confidence, my energy and general well-being. I even credit my so-far easy-peasy pregnancy to being fit and healthy pre-pregnancy and keeping active throughout.

So, there on the treadmill amidst all the 2011 newbies, I realized that if only one of them dirties up their sneaks and is still around after the lustre has faded on their resolutions, it will pay off for them too. And that thought makes the gym in January much more bearable.

Thank goodness for patience. And a dead iShuffle battery.

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