February 14, 2011


Today is the internationally-recognized day of love. Around the world couples will celebrate with heart shaped boxes of chocolates, large bouquets of flowers, fancy dinners, stuffed animals, jewellery and other trinkets that have come to symbolize love.

While D & I usually refrain from the commercialized side of the holiday by not exchanging gifts, we do celebrate the day in some way. More often than not, we just hang out at home, cooking a lovely meal together and enjoying some tasty vino. We prefer to spend our time than our money in honouring the day, knowing that love is something we have to show and indulge in every day, not just on February 14. 

This year, we decided switched it up and indulged in a wonderful dinner and a night out at Atlantica/The Beach House B&B. It was nice to sit and enjoy each other's company and conversation over a fantastic meal with stellar service and then retire to our jacuzzi suite just a few steps away. We enjoyed taking the night out to ourselves, knowing that once the wee one arrives those nights and opportunities will be fewer and farther between.

Of course, I also make a Valentine's Day card for D, which I tucked in with his lunch today just so he'd know I was thinking of him.

Whatever way you celebrate, whether it's with your loved one and all the standard trimmings, with your family and heart shaped pancakes, or treating your wonderful single-self to something nice, I just hope you have a wonderfully happy and loved-filled day.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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