February 7, 2011

Month in Photos

A lot of scrapbookers have started doing a version of Project 365, which is basically taking a photo a day for a year and putting those pics in an album with short notes or stories. Becky Higgins has a fantastic kit to make the whole process easy-peasy. Part of me wishes I had the stamina to do it, but taking pics, printing pics, recording notes every day for a year is just more than I know I can realistically commit too. In fact, it was just this weekend that I started to finish up my Week in the Life album from April 2010!

Still, I know having that album of images and stories all together at the end of the year would be amazing. So when I saw these templates on Simple As That I immediately thought it was the perfect solution for me. I could use as many or as few pictures as I happen to have in a month and make a few quick notes about the month's highlights. And the templates are free to boot!

In just a few hours this weekend, I captured our January in photos.

I plan to do one or two pages like this each month for the year and then print them and put them in an album. No fancy papers, no embellishments. Just photos and short snippets all in one place. So easy. Love it.

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