March 4, 2011

@ 8.5 months

@ 8.5 months I'm eagerly counting down the last few weeks til due day, ready to meet the wee one.

@ 8.5 months I'm wishing there was still more time to enjoy this pregnancy and the moments that pass too fast.

@ 8.5 months I'm grateful for the love of family and friends who are making this significant change easier and more enjoyable for our little family-to-be.

@ 8.5 months I'm getting ready to wrap up working and enjoy some quiet time at home before baby's arrival.

@ 8.5 months we still have a little work to do at home to organize and ready the nursery.

@ 8.5 months we're finishing our prenatal education classes and *hopefully* know the basics, or at least enough to get us through labour and delivery.

@ 8.5 months I'm enjoying the time we have as just two and looking forward to becoming three.

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Sandy said...

@8.5 months we are very excited, waiting to meet this wee little one too. Enjoy the last few moments of waiting. You'll soon get the best job title you will ever have - mommy!