March 14, 2011


Today marks two one-year anniversaries for one of my besties.

365 days ago, Brooke officially become a member of the 'non-smoker club'. After years and years of smoking, she decided she was finally ready to quit (and I like to give myself with my incessant nagging some credit for the decision ;) Today, she celebrates one year smoke-free.

365 days ago, Brooke also decided to start a photo-a-day-for-year blog. An awesome amateur photographer who willingly answers all my camera and photography questions with patience, her blog was intended to give her something to focus on as she kicked the habit. Today, she also celebrates reaching the end of her photo-a-day challenge.

Both of these are awesome, amazing accomplishments. As someone who enjoys photo-taking, scrapbooking and capturing everyday life, I appreciate how hard posting a photo a day really is. Though, while not being a smoker and never having had to give it up, I'd venture guess that quitting smoking was likely the more difficult challenge of the two. And I can say with confidence it is the one that offers the best benefits. To quote from her blog post today:

" year after quitting, my blood pressure has regulated, my carbon monoxide levels have normalized, my circulation has improved, my chance of heart attack has decreased by half, and my lung function has increased by about 50%. Not too shabby for a year's work."

Not too shabby at all. Also not too shabby are the pics she's posted. Here are a few of my faves from the past year - be sure to go visit and see the rest for yourself:

These empty snow-covered benches make me long for springtime strolls... soon, I hope soon!

Makes me long for the rooftop bar in Chicago.

I was here. *sigh* Dear NYC... I'll be back. 

On a snowy March day, this picture has me looking forward to our summer visit to Chester.

Even though I know this is Halifax, I feel like its Gotham City.

I am so proud of you Brooke for tackling the challenges head-on and having fun in the process. I hope you splurged on Salvatore's today! Perseverance, determination and belief pays off. Thomas Edison was spot on when he said:

"If we did all we were capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves."

If there's something you've been wanting or meaning to do - give it a go. Like Brooke, you just might succeed!


brooklynCREATIVE said...

Thank you for all of your kind words and encouragement throughout. You weren't only a regular visitor, but a regular 'commenter'... and the notes from friends and family made the year go by a lot faster!

sandy said...

It's hard to set a long term goal and stick with it. Great work on Brook's part and encouragement and validaation from friends like you was certainly a wonderful motivator like she said!