March 22, 2011


Happy Tuesday morning to you. I'm enjoying mine sitting on the sofa, surfing the web and sipping a toasty cup of decaf coffee.

Jumping Bean Coffee + A Favourite Thermal Mug

Which to most of you probably sounds divine right about now. And yes, it is nice. Though I've decided I wouldn't be a good one for doing this stay-at-home alone thing all the time.

A) I'm social. I like people. Seeing them, talking to them, listening to them.
B) I'm active. I like to be busy, to have things to do, to be accomplishing something.

Yet without a car (I'm also a sleeper, so I don't want to get up and take hubby to work every day), I'm homebound, without social interaction most of the day. I'm also just about 39 weeks preggo, meaning what I used to be able to do and accomplish in a day, I can't. I now have to space it all out with breaks and rest time on the sofa, surfing the web, sipping decaf. And to think I've been off work less than a week!

What keeps me sane is knowing that the time is short and before long I'll have plenty to do with the babe and, quite likely, less energy to do it with. The house will also begin to fill with visitors wanting to pinch pink cheeks (no, not mine) and there will be more social calls than I'll know what to do with.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to doing a few things this week (and not worrying about the fact that I normally would be able to do this in a day or so). On my to-do list is making this soup for supper and extra for the freezer, finishing up some DIY art for the nursery inspired by some discoveries on etsy, including this and this and this, finishing up tidying the scrapbook nook which had become a catchall for everything that didn't have a home elsewhere in this home over the last few weeks, scrapbooking a few photos, and taking time to stop and smell this sweet laundry.

Sweet Smelling Tiny Clothes :)
And of course, making my way through the to-do list is ever-contingent on baby's decision to hang tight or make his/her world debut.


brooklynCREATIVE said...

Sounds like fun to me!
This looks like fun inspiration too -- I might have to make one:

Sandy said...

I remember nearly going stir crazy waiting for Alex...and waiting and can't wait to pinch those pink little cheeks (the baby's of course). Enjoy being able to finish a coffee while it's still warm. Put away laundry before the nicely folded bits get unfolded while you dig to the bottom for something because you haven't gotten around to putting it away and to leisurely cooking supper. All those things will probably change and it'll be SOOOOO worth it and you'll wonder how you ever existed without the little one in your lives!!