July 4, 2011

@ 3 Months

2011 is half over and our little guy is one quarter of the way through his first year of life. Can we say crazy? Life just passes by so quickly. I guess that's due to the myriad of wonderful experiences, the many blessings and overall happiness I'm fortunate to have around me.

@ 3 months our little man

... is growing like a weed. He's somewhere around 13lbs give or take a few ounces and is a long legged little guy. We'll know exact his weight and length after his well baby check-up later this week.

... is starting to discover his hands. It's awfully cute to watch him. You can almost hear him thinking "hmmm, so these things belong to me... and if I open and close the long stick-like parts I can hold onto things... like this blanket...interesting, very interesting."

... has, fortunately, started to settle down a bit while sleeping thanks to the soy (more on that soon). The groaning is pretty much gone, though he still squirms like a worm all night long - seriously, some nights he almost does a 360 in his crib!

... has moved into his nursery. Best thing evah! Mommy and daddy get much more sleep now and he's free to wriggle and giggle all night long. (Not that he really giggles yet, but it rhymed so I went with it.) I thank my old high school friend Susan for that tip, shared via facebook. Momma loves social media like that!

... is getting into a bit of a sleeping/eating pattern, which I know is subject to change on a dime, but we're enjoying it for now. He eats about every 3-4 hours, except at night when we put him down and he'll go about 6 hours before waking for a snack. Any longer between noshes and he becomes Mr. Cranky-Pants (kinda like his momma when she doesn't get food regularly) He also needs a nap about every hour and a half to 2 hours or he becomes Mr. Fussy-Bot, (kinda like his daddy when deprived of a good night's sleep ;)

... still enjoys the tight swaddle at night, though his little hand often sneaks it's way out and, on occasion, our squirmin' herman manages to wriggle both arms all asunder with one hand out through the top and another out through the side.

... has added 'little scooch' to his list of nicknames, earned from all the wriggling and 'scooching' he does!

... loves his playmat, particularly the hanging bees, lights and music. He also loves his crib mobile and smiles wide when we wind it up. He also still loves hanging and napping in his swing.

... has a smile that just melts your heart, especially when you peek in over the crib at him and say good morning.  Love, love, love that moment of the day.

Happy 3 months Hudson!

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Sarah Jones said...

Cuuutie-pa-tutie! Happy 3 Months Hudson!