August 25, 2011

Sharing a Soule-ful Post

After the past few days, I'm enjoying some quiet time in my home. My day started early too. My baby snuggled in the bed with me just a little while. The coffee pot was on and the first cup enjoyed before my husband roused from his slumber. The sun rising higher in the sky and the day is unfolding before us. Perhaps that's why today's post on sat nicely with me this morning. In case it might sit nicely with you too:

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Tricia :) said...

OMG..... how DARE you suggest reading another blog... I am devoted to you and the Pioneer Woman, I have NO TIME for anyone else, Colleen!! Hear me? Sigh, but SouleMama is such a peaceful read, my muscles have eased their tension just reading that post, but alas I have to be strong and hold my ground, it is you and PDub.. over and out! *wink*