August 11, 2011

Thirty-Three Thankful Things

Today is my 33rd birthday and what better way to celebrate than to count my blessings! So please indulge me as I list of thirty-three things I'm thankful for on this my thirty-third year of life:
  1. My husband. The best ever.
  2. My boy. The best ever.
  3. My family. Both the one I was blessed to be born into and the one I was lucky enough to marry into.
  4. More specifically, my mother. The best ever. {ok I'll stop that now}.
  5. My faith. God is good.
  6. Having family close by. 
  7. My health. Certainly something I don't take for granted.
  8. Running. Running is a privilege, not a right and I know that, even when I don't like it.
  9. Being Canadian.
  10. Having a roof over my head, especially one that I truly love.
  11. My closest girlfriends {you know who you are}. Life wouldn't be the same without them.
  12. Dark Chocolate.
  13. Wine.
  14. Pasta.
  15. Maternity leave.
  16. Buying new jeans in my pre-preggo size. Yep, did that yesterday. Yay me!
  17. Good books. Most recently, The Help & Water for Elephants.
  18. Sunshine {when we get to see it}.
  19. The fresh salt water air that surrounds me.
  20. Having paid off my student loan in early 2011, years earlier than expected.
  21. Having a job I can say I like.
  22. Scrapbooking.
  23. Photographs. They tell the stories of our lives, they keep our memories fresh.
  24. Having travelled to many places on my "must see" list already, including London, Italy, France, Ireland, Scotland, NYC, San Diego, Cuba and almost every province in Canada. Many more places left to see and hopefully many years ahead to see them.
  25. Having a good education.
  26. Having the right to vote.
  27. Sleep-in mornings {though they`re few and far between these days}.
  28. Hot showers.
  29. Public health care. Don`t ever take that for granted.
  30. The Internet. Blogs, Facebook, Google, Wikipedia. Man, what did we ever do without it?
  31. The smell of woodsmoke in the fall {or in August if you`re in NL this summer}
  32. A clean house. Even if I`m the one who has to clean it.
  33. 33 years of wonderful life and memories.

Me enjoying yummy Moo Moo's ice cream cake on my 32nd birthday
We'll see what's in store for this birthday as the day unfolds!

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Sara said...

Happy birthday, Colleen! Hope you had a fabulous one, I can tell you appreciated it and all the good things the past 33 years have bright you.