October 31, 2011


Waking up in the dark with the wind howling outside our windows made it feel more like winter than fall this morning. But it is still October, at least for one more day, and despite the weather you can't help but smile when you're waking up to this cute pumpkin face.

cutest pj`s ... thanks Aunt sandy & Uncle Mark!
And despite the weather, we will head out for some trick-or-treating this evening. Well, sort of. Hudson is really too little for actual trick-or-treating ... as cousin Logan would say, ``he can`t walk, he can`t eat chocolate, why would he go?``. Well, he goes because his momma can`t resist dressing him up, using a few props, and taking like a gazillion photos. I unashamedly will pretend he`s my little doll, if only for today ;) Sure the costume hasn`t even come out yet and I`ve already started in on the snaps!

Look mom, it`s Cat in the Hat!!! Awesome!

Oh that cat, he`s so funny!

snacking on Jack-o-Cat, a treat from Aunt Martha...
probably the only treat he`ll get to snack on this year :)
Anyways, we`re planning to keep the trick-or-treating to just a couple of visits so Grandmas, the aunts, uncles, and cousins can see the little tyke in his costumes. Our goal is to be out and back before little ghosts and goblins start ringing our doorbell. If you have trick-or-treaters in your house, be sure to dress them up brightly, give them lights and reflectors, and stay close, keeping them safe. And of course, drive a little more cautiously this evening and make sure it really is a Happy Halloween!


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aunt sandy said...

love you sweet little pumpkin!!!