October 7, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I always feel like fall is really here once Thanksgiving hits. The rich, gorgeous colours are in full force, the smell of turkey roasting in the oven, and the sweet taste of an autumn dessert come together for a full fall sensory sensation. I love it.

As we prepare to celebrate the long weekend with family and friends, I'm taking a moment to count a few of my many blessings. This year I am so very grateful for:
  • My wonderful little family of three
  • Having time on our side to spend as we choose
  • Getting out to enjoy the great outdoors
  • Having friends and family all around us
  • Sleep-in mornings when I'm lucky enough to enjoy them (thanks hubby!)
  • Hot coffee from fresh;y ground beans when I'm not
  • Baby laughs, late night snuggles and early morning smiles
 These simple pleasures are all bringing me much joy right now.

I wish you all a very happy thanksgiving and hope that your turkey goes down a little smoother than Hudson's first experience with poultry ;)

OMG mom WTH? Whaddya mean I gotta have this chicken stuff again???

Happy Thanksgiving!

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