November 18, 2011

A {Belated} Birthday Post

This post is slightly overdue. One week overdue in fact. You see, last Friday was my lovely sister's 30th birthday. Of course I had fully planned on doing an ode-to-ma-sissy like I have done with my mama and besties on their birthday, but I also wanted to post a pic of her card and prezzie in the post. Since she shares her birthday with the Veteran's Day holiday, I posted about that last Friday instead with the hopes of seeing her sometime over the next week or so to give her the card/prezzie, followed by said post. Long story short, I've not yet seen her and probably won't this weekend, so the card pic will have to wait as I don't want to hold off on the birthday post any longer.

I can hardly believe Jodie turned 30 last week. In my mind, she's still that scruffy little playful girl running around behind me. Like most sisters, we grew up fighting and loving each other in the same breath. We were quick to argue over the phone, the TV, the front seat, clothes, and toys, yet would still crawl into one another's bed for a snuggle to end the same day. More often than not I think it was due to Jodie's forgiving nature. She's quick to apologize and even quicker to forgive. She has a kind heart and kinder soul. She loves to help others out as evidenced by the countless stray cats that got carried home and she somehow managed to convince mom to keep. She has that wonderful way of winning you over on almost anything.

She really is the best sister a girl could have. She was who I wanted standing next to me on my wedding day. She was my maid of honour and the only bridesmaid I asked to be by my side. When Hudson came along, she was the only person I considered to be his Godmother. I couldn't imagine any other taking that role in his life. When we had our first night away from the little guy back in October, it was she who took care of him and kept him happy and safe. Yes, I'd trust her with anything.

In all honesty, I really don't know how she's turned 30. Somewhere over the last ten years she's gone from young and single to married, motherhood and a beautiful woman. Still, to me she'll forever be my baby sister.

Happy {belated} birthday sissy. Love you!


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