November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday - A Healthy Baby Boy

Yesterday's news contained significant coverage about conjoined twin girls from the Philippines who were separated via surgery in the US. An amazing, awe-inspiring story that demonstrates the magnificence of medicine and shines a light on the bright future that is in store for these beautiful little babies.

That story sat with me most of the day, so perhaps it was no wonder my eyes were wide as I went about my day. As I made a return at the Gap, I noticed another mama and baby browsing the store. She, like me, flicked through the racks of cute 'little man' clothes. Her boy, like mine, cute as a button and quiet as a mouse in his stroller. The only noticeable difference between us was the breathing tube that ran from somewhere on the other little guy's stroller to his sweet button nose.

Later that afternoon, through a blogger I follow in the scrapbook world, I took note of a fundraising event for a sweet little boy who ingested a coin-sized lithium battery resulting in significant damage and many surgeries. He miraculously survived, though he has undergone general anesthesia 20 times in his short life, has had 4 inches of his esophagus removed, is undergoing various therapies, and has many unknowns yet to face.

Amidst those few life stories that I encountered in just one day, I am thankful, so very thankful for our healthy baby boy. I am thankful that our greatest challenges so far only included sorting out his milk sensitivities and feeding issues and our current efforts to get him to sleep a little better. In context, those are very small, ordinary potatoes compared to the challenges other parents and families have to face.

As I lay in bed last night, I consciously took a deep breath and thanked God for blessing our life with Hudson`s smiling, happy face and asked God to keep him that way forever. I also asked God to look out for those twin girls as they heal, the little guy at the Gap, Emmett in his fight, and all those parents and families who could use a little extra help and faith in their life right now.

We are truly blessed with health and happiness. This Thursday, I`m thankful for that.

love his handsome, smiling face


kim todd said...

i appreciated your post. with my three mornings are mayhem with their will to stay sleeping, battles for power our hairbrushes, struggles over lunches and containers that have fitting covers. in the big picture, it's small stuff. thanks for the reminder.

Jennifer Wellsman said...

A great post and well said Colleen. We sometimes forget how lucky we are when dealing with our own day-to-day struggles that are often so trivial in comparison to what others are going through.