February 4, 2012

@ 10 Months

We're only two months away from his first birthday ... what the? I'm enjoying every passing day with the little man and all that fun changes each day brings, but sometimes, just sometimes, I'd like to stop the clock for a bit. Holy smokes - HP is 10 months old!

 10 months, Hudson ...

... is slowly but surely getting better at sleeping. Over the past month we've had success with sleep training and have moved away from rocking him to sleep all the time, can put him down in the crib with minimal to no fuss, have gotten him to waking just once for a bottle on most nights, and have even enjoyed the luxury of a few sleep through the nights. After 9 months of sleepless nights, it is heaven.

... can almost free stand. He simply lacks the confidence. He has stood on his own a few times, but once he realizes we're no longer holding on or his supports are not there, he sits. And this leads him to ...

... quickly approaching the walking stage. He can creep along furniture and deftly moves from couch to coffee table to chair. He can walk assisted with the walker toy and by holding onto our fingers. Lord help us when he can move on his own ;)

... is a pretty good little eater. He eats three square meals a day with  a few snacks in between, and of course his bottles. He loves his fruits, everything we've given him except peaches. He gobbles grains,with gusto from his baby cereal to oatmeal to puffs to cheerios to toast to pasta. He's a little more particular over the veggies, with a strong dislike for broccoli. Proteins are a harder sell, but we sneak beans into some veg and he enjoys egg yolk. We're still holding off/slowly bringing in dairy due to his earlier sensitivities.

... says da da da and babbles a lot. Da da da came along in early January, though there isn't much association between the words and daddy quite yet. Otherwise mostly babbles and squeals of delight.

... is a pleasant little guy. He smiles most of the time and has started playing coy with strangers. If someone new says hello, he'll give a shy smile and put his arm over his head, hiding his face. He'll then peak out and give a big ol grin. It's much too cute!

... is not a big fan of the snow. Then again, you can hardly blame him. He's stuffed into a puffy suit that takes away his mobility, so all he can do is sit there in it really. And it's cold. Maybe by next year!

... likes to explore. He's constantly picking and poking and crawling and reaching. Simultaneously awesome and frustrating.

... loves the computer. Des and I both have laptops and as soon as we open them up, he comes crawling as fast as he can. He loves to click at the keys. And there's no tricking him and trying to sneak a peek when he's not looking - no matter where he is, he knows the start up sounds and comes a crawling! Ears like a hawk I tell ya.

... dislikes the sounds of: garbage bags being flicked open, my hair dryer, the food processor and the mixer. I guess it's the loudness, which is odd given the first six months of his life were spent with either the vacuum or radio static going full tilt.

... as handsome as ever. The full head of hair, the blue eyes, those chipmunk cheeks. Seriously. Melt. My. Heart.

Happy 10 months Hudson P!!


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Katie said...

Such a little sweetie. Happy 10 months Hudson. It's been lovely seeing you grow and develop over the past 5/6 months!