February 1, 2012

Project Life 2012: Week 3

I am absolutely loving Project Life so far! It is amazing to see each week come together and to feel like our pictures, our stories, our life is being documented. Before I get into Week 3, I want to share the Week 2 insert that I didn't have done last week when I shared Week 2.

I wanted to do an insert that week as I had more than enough pictures and stories from our everyday life to fill up the double page spread, but ended up with a bunch more from Des' weekend in Montreal. Rather than just use one or two from his weekend, I wanted to include a bunch, along with some of the stuff he picked up along the way. Yes, he willingly took a pics and collected ephemera for me to scrapbook (awesome hubby or what?!). Now mind you, most of the pics were off food, wine, and cigars ... but I guess that sums up a guys weekend pretty well. I really liked how the additional page turned out: 

He took a lot of Instagram pics from the weekend, so I was able to include a bunch of pics without overwhelming the page. I tucked his game ticket, plane ticket stub, and a cigar wrapper on the page, along with a short summary of the weekend.

On the reverse, I included a large photo of my grandmother helping Hudson walk. I love the picture and wanted to capture the details about how she's always so eager to lend him a hand.

Ok, onto Week 3, which also includes an insert. Here's the double page spread + insert at a glance:

And a closer look at the left-hand side, which includes pictures from the weekend, some journaling about those weekend snaps, and a scrap of paper containing details about the end of our car lease/repairs:

I think my favourite scrappy thing about this week's layout is the Instagram picture of my new shoes (that I've got to find somewhere to where ASAP!). I decided to use some of the tissue paper they were wrapped in, which has a very faint Banana Republic monogram on it and is slightly transparent. Something fun about it! I also added a few butterflies, a sticker and some fabric tape to jazz it up:

Here`s the right-hand side of the spread capturing the details of stocking our freezer as Des` return to work approached, our regular visits to see family, picking daddy up at the airport, and a nice walk outside. I also tucked in the tag of onesie that Des brought back from Montreal for HP - thought it might be fun to see how much something like that costs a few years from now:

And finally, the insert from our waiting at the airport.  I had a few favourite pictures from that day and I blogged about one of those here. I decided to use that blog text for the words on one side and then added a couple of the other pics on the reverse. It`s just a 5x7 this week, whereas Week 2`s insert was 8.5x11.

There you have it, another week in the album.

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