January 22, 2009

A Good Dog

He was a good dog. Like most, he was reliable, affectionate and trusting of those who loved him. Yet, he was different too - in an awesome way. There was such charm in the rumble of his snore as he slept. There was his sweet patience while awaiting the human food he knew would inevitably come his way. There was love in the way he welcomed us as family when we visited his home, his family. In fact, Lerie Richardson was more than a good dog. He was an amazing dog. One of the best.

Having done all that could be done, the decision to allow him to rest is a decision that did not come easy. My heart goes out to the Richardsons as they grapple with a loss that can only be appreciated by those who have loved and lost a beloved four-legged family member.

We were blessed to have Lerie live with us in our home for a short time and I recall that time fondly, even the picking up of stray hairs that seemed to linger for months after he and his family settled in their new home. Tears have been shed for Lerie, including my own. He is already sorely missed. And he will be forever loved.

Good bye Lerie boy.

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