January 5, 2009

Order in the House

I mentioned yesterday that I like a little bit of order and routine ... well, OK, I actually love order, period. There's something calming in everything having a place of its own. I think it helps me to live a simpler, more content life. Now, that doesn't mean I'm obsessed with it - nope, not at all. Like everyone else, things get pushed aside and procrastinated. I can always find a distraction. Life just gets in the way. Still, every so often I get the urge to purge. I get inspired to sort and order, putting things where they belong.

Like at the beginning of a New Year. Like today.

For the last few years, my photos have been trapped inside my PC. I sometimes post a few to facebook, though I rarely print any. Mostly only when I want a few for scrapbooking. The rest remain locked up in the computer behind my password for only me to see. And let's be honest, there's no fun in that! When that happens, everyone misses out pics like this:

Isn't he just the sweetest? My handsome nephew Logan on his christening day.

So, tonight I am finally sending these pics to print. Uploading as I blog. And, I might add enjoying what was perceived to be a tedious task. I get to relive some of the best memories ... like this:

mmmm, Grimaldi's pizza in Brooklyn anyone? Order is good.

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