January 10, 2011

40 Weeks

After the reality and excitement of finding out I was pregnant had settled in, I knew I wanted to capture the story of our first baby's journey to life. I started journaling on my computer, writing down a few details from each week so I wouldn't forget those key moments that mark every pregnancy. Finding outSharing the news. The first heartbeat. The growing belly. As much as all those moments mean now, I know over time they'll become a distant memory in contrast to the joys of life in the present.

Shortly after that, I began to put those words with photos in a scrapbook album about my pregnancy. I know over the years it will be treasured not only by me, but by my child. Through these pages, this sweet baby will know how we felt during those wonderful pregnancy milestones, how their family came to know about them and love them, and the details that marked their first 40 weeks of life.

So far, only the first trimester is scrapped and ready for the album, but my journaling is up-to-date and more pages await.  As I recover from my cold on the sofa {six days and counting - ugh, even had to cancel our dinner plans on the weekend :( } I thought I'd share a few of the completed pages. 

Note: As I was trying to 'catch up' on this album before the holidays kicked into full gear, most of the pages completed are scraplifts from the Two Peas member gallery. I didn't capture the inspiration for each layout as I went, but do offer full credit, and appreciation, to the talented scrapbookers who did the original designs :)
4 Weeks

5 weeks

6 weeks
I do apologize for the photo quality - a) I'm a very amateur photographer, though I have aspirations to improve, and b) the lighting on a grey, foggy January day in Newfoundland leaves much to be desired. Otherwise, enjoy. More will follow.

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