January 27, 2011

Thursday Gratitude

Like most people, I often fall in the rut of complaining. The car in front of me is driving too slow. The cashier isn't checking in groceries quick enough. The work day seems to be dragging on. And so on it goes. So, knowing this about myself, one of things I make a conscious effort to focus on instead is being thankful and appreciative of what is good in my life. It certainly takes more effort than complaining, but also has better results.

In reading this post by Kelly Willette yesterday, I was once again reminded to keep gratitude in mind. Perhaps it's because I have a baby on the way and know I will experience her night someday too soon and, honestly, I'm not sure I'd have her perspective at 3 am! Or perhaps it's because I read this story yesterday about a mom who is being penalized for wanting a better, safer life for her children. Regardless, I want to take a moment today to reflect on just a few of the blessings I am thankful for this Thursday:

1. A husband who loves his preggo wife enough to clean off the car, warm it up and shuttle me about, so I don't have to drive and park and walk too far in my current condition ;) Especially on slippery, snowy days like today.

2. Enjoying a healthy, relatively easy pregnancy up to 31 weeks (and now counting down!)

3. Having a good job where I can be productive and feel valued for the work I do.

4. Seeing my photo featured in the Simple Things round-up over at Rebecca Cooper's blog. Her Simple Things challenge is another way I try focus on appreciating the simple things in life. 

What are you thankful for today?

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