March 30, 2011

Notice Has Been Served


Dear Baby Ryan,

This notice is to inform you, as the tenant, that you are expected to vacate the premises (aka the womb) within three days. The 40-week rental arrangement was expected to conclude on or before March 30, 2011 and you have now violated the terms of that agreement. However, as landlord of the property (aka your momma), I am willing to grant you a three-day grace period to gather your belongings and make the transition.

I will acknowledge you have been a relatively pleasant tenant. Aside from some expansion to the front of the premises and the recent nightly disturbances, you have managed to keep property destruction to a minimum. However, the 40-week arrangement is now concluded. Failure to vacate the premises in the next three days will require immediate corrective action and forcible removal at the landlord`s discretion.

Your Landlord & Momma


sandy said...

good luck with that....I begged, bribed and pleaded and it didn't work with the boys. I hope your little one is much more cooperative.

brooklynCREATIVE said...

Love it!
Can't wait to meet (at least via Skype) the munchkin.

Karen said...

Oh Colleen, you made me laugh out loud!! Thinking of you all and waiting for the 'arrival call' from Brooke. Hugs to all of you.