March 29, 2011

Week in the Life 2010

It has taken me almost a year, but I finally finished my Week in the Life 2010 album. Hooray for checking things off the to-do list! It helped that Ali Edwards posted a save the date reminder for her 2011 Week in the Life project earlier this week, spurring my butt into action.

Album Cover
 Week in the Life is a week-long project designed to capture what our everyday life looks like in photos and words. It really is just an in-depth look at what everyday is for us at a specific point in time. Ali offers more detail and past samples of her albums here.

I joined in the fun last year (yes, it was last April, literally almost a year ago!). Knowing that we were planning to start a family in the near future, I thought it would be nice to capture what our life as a family of two looked like. Ten years from now, our everyday life will likely be very, very different. Ten years from now, it will be awesome to look back at this album and see how we lived our everyday. Can you imagine what it would be like to go back to a week in 2000, 1990 or 1980 and be able to see what you did, what your routines were, what you ate?

My album was actually pretty much done in May of last year, aside from printing the words out and putting the pages in the album. I spent the actual week of the project focused on taking photos, jotting down the details of the day and collecting the little bits that showed what was going on. I spent the next couple of weeks formatting and printing the photos, putting them together with the pretty papers and embellishments and tucking into page protectors. After that, I edited my notes and formatted the journaling for printing. I 'needed' some special sized page protectors for the journaling, which of course you can't get in NL... hence the year-long stall.

Earlier this year, I finally got around to ordering those page protectors online, which then sat around until this week. With the the one-year mark since I started the project approaching, I buckled down and finished it off. I love it. Even now, looking back at life a year ago is pretty awesome. Here's a look at the end result:

Our front door in the spring

A spread from Monday - small pics, notes on the left and the day's journaling on the right

On the left, a page from Monday and on the right, the opening page for Tuesday.
Each day had a few pages, including an opening page with a large photo, followed by smaller photos and notes in sports card protector sheets, journaling and another large spread of photos.

Wednesday ... love that money shot :)

And Thursday's opening page

Ahh, Friday Happy Hour ... already life is different!

A glimpse at Saturday - a special one with Emily's graduation.
Now she's finishing up her first year of university!

More Saturday ... mmmm muffins and a receipt for showing the cost of gas

Sunday - brunch at Blue, coffee at Starbucks, supper at home - love routines.

Closing page - the words read:
capturing, documenting, living, loving, being, breathing
Week in the Life 2010
these are the everyday moments in our life right now
I won't pretend that taking photos and jotting down notes all day long for a week is easy, it's not. But it is absolutely worth it.  I'm already looking forward to going on the Week in the Life 2011 adventure in July! Having this album of memories for us, for our family is simply amazing. And it will only get more amazing with each passing year.

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