June 4, 2011

@ 2 Months

Holy smokes, Hudson is 2 months old! It flew by so fast, but also feels like he's been with us forever.

@ 2 months old, Hudson:

... still loves his swing, which is a blessing. He loves it so much we take it with us when we go to Nanny and Poppy's house, even though it means taking it apart somewhat.

... is soothed by the sound of loud white noise. I'm not talking those little white noise machines they make for nurseries (though we do use one of those with him at night), I'm talking about the vacuum cleaner and radio station static on bust. Yep, if he's really fussing and crying, stick him in his swing, plug in the vac and he calms down within minutes. I think we might have the cleanest floors in Paradise! Same in the car, just turn the radio between stations and crank it in the back - presto, quiet babes. Well for a short time anyway.

... is still working through his tummy troubles that keep him, mommy and daddy up all night. We're all hoping that will be sorted out soon. very soon. please and thank you.

... wiggles his little fingers and hands together when he's eating, kind of looking like a little chipmunk.

... has started cooing and oohing and aahing, like he's talking with us and that is awesome.

... usually falls asleep in the car, especially when going 100kms/hr on the highway. I think he gets the "love of speed" from his musclecar-lovin' dad ;)

... weighs about 11 and a half pounds.

... has long baby eyelashes framing those beautiful baby blues.

... looks so much like his handsome daddy that some people call him "mini-Des".

... now looks up at us with a big gummy grin that just melts our hearts and wipes all the troubles away.

Happy 2 Months HP!

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sandy said...

Love him!