July 29, 2011

Week In The Life 2011 - Wed & Thurs

I'm still enjoying capturing a week in our life this year and reflecting on how wonderfully different it is from the last time I did it. If you missed my Monday and Tuesday recap, check it out here. And for your viewing pleasure, here are a few of my favorite snaps from Wednesday and Thursday:

More morning smiles - really the best way to start any day!

I love how this picture shows my perspective while driving- always glancing back to check on those sweet cheeks

A successful trip to the grocery store

A quick lunch before heading off to our playdate
 (I have cute pics of the playdate too, but not sharing here as I didn't ask permission of the other mamas!)

mmm breakfast

One of our many ways to play - he's a bit of a narcissist really ;)

More cuddles and playtime
I think it's important to capture the ordinary along the extraordinary parts of our everyday 

Hudson is just (barely) figuring out the jolly jumper, he mostly likes to just hang there

Happy when he realizes it's daddy taking him out of the car - after daddy being gone for a couple of days

paper goodness from the Paperie

new recipe ...  kale chips ... recipe will be shared next week
sweet sleepy boy
Hope your week is shaping up nicely too.

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