July 27, 2011

Week in the Life

You may recall I wrote about finally finishing my 2010 Week in the Life album here ... and even though it took me until 2011 to complete, I'm so glad to have it. Already looking back at it shows how so much can change in so little time - uhm baby anyone?

This week, I'm again joining Ali Edwards in documenting a Week in the Life 2011. I'm not sure I'm going to use the digital templates this go around ... maybe, maybe not. I'm also not sure I'm going to focus on the time theme she's chosen throughout, maybe on one or two days. Overall, I just plan to capture what life looks like for us Right Now.

So far, a few of my favorite photos from the last couple of days that show our everyday life around here are:

Love that I finally need sunscreen after many rainy days

Nothing like those `good morning`smiles as I peer in over the crib

Daddy and boy, enjoying a snack break in the sun

I can`t get enough of those baby blues!

So typical - walking and working at the same time

Enjoying some fro-yo with fresh strawberries for dessert, on the deck in the sun to boot!

Hanging out back with the fam, enjoying the boys first fire in the pit

All smiles for the diaper change, holding Sophie tight

What mornings look like around here these days: boy plays on his beloved bee mat while mama sits close by
enjoying a coffee, checking emails and of course chatting with him

Enjoying some tummy time and building up those arm muscles for crawling

At Bowring Park for a hike with a bunch of other mamas and babes

Reading time (note the naked babe and fan nearby, it was a hot afternoon!)

And for fear someone think I have an ever-pleasant child, here`s the typical `Feed Me Now` face
Of course, those are just a few snaps out of the hundreds taken over the last few days, but they give a good look at the everyday around here Right Now.

What does your everyday look like?

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