August 4, 2011

@ 4 Months

I can't believe we're into month 8 of 2011 already, nor can I believe we've had our little man for a third of a year. I guess time really does fly when you're having fun!

@ 4 months, Hudson

... has really settled into a more predictable routine of sleeping, eating and playing. Makes planning and doing things with him a whole lot easier. {Please don't remind me this will change with a growth spurt, teething, travel or something other teeny tiny factor, I'm all too aware. I'm just trying to live in the present!}

... has slept through his first full night of sleep {back on July 17, but hey who's recording those stats!} and has kept up a really good nighttime sleep schedule ever since.

rockin' the grobag ... though he still loves his swaddle too!
... is showing early signs of being a crawler, pushing his little legs with all his might and grabbing whatever he can with his hands to pull himself along.

... has started sharing the best little belly laughs with us, accompanied by that ever-cute gummy grin.

... still has most of his newborn baby hair, aside from the little patch wearing thin in the back.

... can grab and hold things in his hands, which usually mean they end up in his mouth too:)

... enjoys hanging out in his Tigger jolly jumper - though he's not quite figured out the whole 'now you're bouncin' bit yet.

... usually falls asleep in the car, almost definitely if said car is going 100km/hr on the highway {seems he has his dad's need for speed!}.
... continues to grow like a weed, with the chubbiest little turkey legs and cutest elbow dimples in town!

... can roll from his belly to his back and is making good progress toward rolling from back to belly.

... has discovered his toes and loves to suck on his hands & feet whenever he gets a chance.

... likes to be held and cuddled and snuggled {thankfully sighs mama who loves to do that all day long!}

post-bath cuddles are the bestest of all!

Happy 4 Months Hudson P!

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Sarah Jones said...

Happy 4 months Hudson! Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks.