August 5, 2011

a {perfect} day for...

Well, it's another rainy, drizzly, foggy day here in Newfoundland making it the perfect day for...

... hanging out in pajamas til at least noon.

... sipping on coffee (in said pajamas til noon!)

... crafting a card or two, maybe inspired by something pinned here

... working on my week in the life album - the words are written and it's onto picture editing & printing.

... playing and reading and talking inside

What about, how are you spending your Friday?

Whatever you do, I hope it's the start of a very happy weekend.

1 comment:

Robert said...

I'm getting a little tired of all the RDF, let's hope that when all this fog lifts, we see a really big ICEBERG off the coast.
I'm going to start working out again after taking two weeks off... I need the endorphin rush again.