September 23, 2011

So Long Summer, It Was Fun While It Lasted

As fleeting and as wet as she was, summer was still enjoyed at our house. It probably helped that I decided to call it summer right up until the first day of fall, rather than calling it quits after Labour Day like I normally would (sorry Lesley). And we certainly made the most of it, making good on most of my summer to-do list:

1. A few more Saturday mornings at The Rocket with my men. Check, check, check. We did a lot of this, especially earlier in the summer when the weather was fit for nothing other than being inside with warm coffee and sweet treats. There was quiche + croissants, coffee + the Globe. It was delicious + delightful every time.
Hudson is learning to read the G+M at an early age
2. Some hiking with the boy in his new carrier. Check and check. We did a lot of walking with the boy on board, including a couple of great trails. I particularly enjoyed a walk along the Manuels River trail with our own personal guide + friend.

Thanks Geoff + Carm for a great afternoon!
3. A visit to the Ferryland Lighthouse. Check. Well, technically this happened on the first day of fall, but for us it was the last summer hurrah and a belated anniversary celebration. The weather was perfect, the food fantastic and the experience even better than both combined. So nice to continue this annual tradition with our boy.

Heading up the trail, waiting for the picnic basket, and of course the obligatory self-portrait
4. Sitting around the fire in our backyard with wine in hand, at least once (or twice or thrice, now that would be nice!). Check. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate for the twice or thrice part, but we did squeeze in one lingering evening, Hudson even stayed up a bit late to enjoy his first backyard fire.

5. Our first official road trip with the little guy. Check + Check. We took a few road trips this summer, hitting up Grand Falls, Bonavista and Southern Bay with only one minor incident of note. This of course was in addition to our regular visits to Kingston (NL not ON). While a great little dude in the car, we discovered H is not such a great sleeper out of his own bed. Oh well, the road must go on.

6. A visit to the beach. Check. I had intended this to be a sandy beach, but again the weather didn't exactly oblige. We did get up to Topsail beach for a late summer barbecue with great friends though, so I count that as complete.

7. Introducing Hudson to swimming at the pool. Check. Ah, yes the pool. Hudson was completely non-plussed by it all. Even though he loves, loves, loves the tub, he coulda cared less about the pool. Given the amount of work it takes to get ready to go and re-dressed afterward, I think we'll hold off on this event for a little while longer. Dear pool, we'll be back, just not in a hurry.

8. Completing my first post-baby 10km run. Uhm, yeah, well, see, uh. Ok, so this one was not accomplished. I did do a few 5kms, but that's about it. I could blame it on the weather I suppose, but that really wasn't my excuse. I just never got around to it. On the upside, I've set a new running goal (duh, duh, duh the suspense, it's killing ya isn't it ;)

9. Scrapbooking a few pages about the little man. Check. Mostly completed through our Week in the Life Album, but also with a couple of other layouts (here, here and here). Still many, many more on a growing list though, so more coming your way.

10. Reading. Partial Check. I had planned to read a few books, but only finished The Help and started Room.  I'm also not into Room yet, so thinking about moving on from that soon.

11. An out-of-province excursion, complete with Hudson's first plant ride and catching up with great friends. Big Check. We were a little nervous heading out on this first adventure, unsure of how Hudson would take to traveling, but we made out a-ok. He was still a sleeping disaster on the road, but was awesome on the plane and fairly pleasant during the busy days. Looking forward to more adventures with him as he grows.
Snuggles with Auntie Brooke, checking out the in-flight entertainment, a family photo in Chester + drinks on the deck
sigh, if we could only do it all again next week. Maybe next year!
12. Lots of dining al fresco on the deck with my hubby. Check. Ugh, the weather again a hindrance, though we did manage a few leisurely meals + drinks outside on our deck. D also made good use of his Father's Day prezzie.

Mmmm, Corona + quesadillas, the BBQ Master with his new toy, yes ice cream counts as a meal, just soaking up the sun
 And of course, we had plenty of fun doing things not on our list as well, including spending time celebrating Canada Day, hanging at Chapters/Starbucks, enjoying birthdays and lounging deck side.

Dear summer, thanks for the good times. It was fun while it lasted. Until next year, I bid you adieu.


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